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If your loved one got arrested, you probably feel a lot of anxiety because they are screwed and there's nothing you can do to help them.

But the good news is you can help your loved one get out of jail by helping them get a bond for their release. A bond is the amount of money set by a judge for releasing a defendant from jail before their trial. This is to ensure that they show up to court or they forfeit this amount.

There are three ways to satisfy this bond amount

Personal bond

For people with little to no criminal history you may qualify for a personal bond, which is how to get out of jail sooner by promising to the court you will show up for all your court dates and follow all conditions set by a judge.

Only Pretrial Services or an Attorney may submit a request for release on personal bond to a judge. And only a judge can approve release on a personal bond. Without a lawyer, this process can take up to 2 days or never. With a lawyer, we speed this process up to a matter of hours. It's because we can go talk directly to the judge and present the personal bond to them any day of the week, any time of day.

Bond insurance

The insurance company will require you to sign over your land and property to them in case you don't show up to court because they will have to pay your full bond amount.

This typically costs between $500-1000 for common charges like DWI or Family Violence.

You never get this money back.

Pay it in full

You always have the option to pay the full bond amount in person at the front desk of the jail by cash or money order. When their case is completely over, the money will be returned to them, regardless of who paid it.

Timeline after Arrest

The journey from being arrested to freedom

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