Third DWI Offense in Texas

Driving while under the influence after Third DWI Offense resulted in keys on table with booze and handcuffs.

If this is your third DWI, you will go to jail for 2-10 years if you get a conviction. Not only that, but this is a life-altering felony charge. Can you afford that? How would that affect your life?

All of the consequences that go along with being a convicted felon, you will be subject to for the rest of your life, such as losing your right to vote and possess a firearm.

The scariest part of getting charged with a 3rd DWI is if it goes to a jury trial. The jury will be told you were previously convicted of 2 DWIs. The law requires jurors give you the presumption of innocence throughout the entire trial, but put yourself in their shoes. If you heard the person sitting in court was convicted of 2 DWIs, would you believe it was a third honest mistake? Hiring an Austin DWI attorney can help you avoid going to trial altogether.

The fact of the matter is, prosecutors will come down the hardest on people charged with 3rd DWIs in terms of punishment because they feel like they have an obligation to use you to set an example.

If you gave a blood or breath sample, read the links to the right on your particular situation. To discuss the specifics of your case, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 512-898-9529 for a free case evaluation.