The morning after a DWI

can leave you feeling powerless, ashamed, and defeated. The police have probably made you feel like you have no options, and that they have an open and shut case against you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve already heard what the Austin police have to say, now it’s time to hear from someone who’s on your side. You have options. You have rights.

Overturning this charge is designed to be complicated for you. The truth is the state makes a lot of money off of DWI offenders ($11K for a first DWI and $16K for a second DWI). The process ahead of you is full of legal traps and hidden consequences, but it’s important to face this challenge head on — it will not simply go away on its own. You will not get peace of mind unless we fight for it.

Getting an Austin DWI Attorney to represent you is the easiest way to ensure you’re not taken advantage of by the State of Texas. I can save you $5K or more in fines and could even get your DWI dismissed.

The consequences of a DWI in Austin can be more than just a fine — they can seriously harm future employment opportunities and tarnish your reputation. Getting an Austin DWI Attorney is your best chance at getting the harsh penalties reduced or even dismissed. I can help you make an informed decision on how to best handle this serious situation.

We all make mistakes, don’t let this one ruin your life. Call me at 512-898-9529.

On the right hand-side, I’ve included resources on commonly asked questions from former and current clients on the different aspects of a DWI charge. To discuss the specifics of your case, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 512-898-9529 for a free case evaluation.