Tony Sun – Criminal Defense Attorney

One night in college, my best friend was the designated driver for our group of friends when we went downtown Austin. At the end of the night, he drove us back as planned. But on the way back, a police officer stopped us. None of us had any clue why. My friend wasn’t drunk, and his driving was perfectly safe. But, as luck would have it, he ended up getting arrested for a DWI.

That summer, he had a prestigious internship lined up with a research institute. However, because of his arrest, they told him that he could no longer participate. So my friend hired a lawyer to defend him. After several months, sure enough, his DWI charge got reduced to a Parking in a No Parking Zone.

I saw firsthand how powerful having an effective advocate and a clean record had on his life. He ended up getting into a top graduate school to study biomedical engineering in California, where he later met his wife. And that is why I defend people. Because I get to help people get their future back.