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What Is the Role of the Judge in a DWI

The judge is the referee in a DWI case. With an Austin DWI Defense Lawyer by your side, you maximize the chance of getting the best outcome for your case, from a favorable deal to a dismissal. Role #1: The ...
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Austin DWI Arrests Decrease 50%

Between the Declaration of Local Disaster (March 6) and Stay at Home Order (March 25), Austin DWI Arrests Decrease 50% DWI Arrests in Travis County Mar 2-8 Mar 9-15 Mar 16-22 Mar 23-29 Mar 30-Apr 5 Apr 6-12 Apr 13-19 ...
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No Stop, No Case

The first question an experienced Austin DWI Lawyer will ask is if there was a good reason for the stop. If the stop was invalid, then you win your case and all evidence gets thrown out. This is a beautiful ...
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COVID-19 Not Stopping DWI Arrests in Austin

This is the timeline of how COVID has affected the number of DWI arrests in Austin, Texas. The following data was compiled from the Travis County Misdemeanor Search. Here is a summary of the data. DWI Arrests in Travis County ...
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Duty to Investigate Evidence of Innocence

There are two types of people in the criminal justice system Prosecutor cannot prove that they broke the law beyond a reasonable doubt a) The verdict should be Not Guilty Prosecutor can prove that they broke the law beyond a ...
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There Shouldn’t be Bad Apples

Chris Rock said it best in one of specials. “Whenever the cops gun down an innocent black man… they always say the same thing.… “It’s not most cops. It’s just a few bad apples.” Bad apple? That almost sounds nice. ...
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