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5 Reasons You Should NOT Fear a Trial by Jury

The main reason why most people Fear things is because of the unknown. Let’s talk about the most common thing people are scared of. Public speaking. Fortunately, you don’t have to talk in court if you don’t want to. It’s ...
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What is the Only Way to Avoid a Conviction?

Most cases in Austin End in a plea offer. This is because most people plea guilty and get a conviction. This is what people talk about when they say someone has a criminal record. If you plead guilty, you will ...
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There Shouldn’t be Bad Apples

Chris Rock said it best in one of specials. “Whenever the cops gun down an innocent black man… they always say the same thing.… “It’s not most cops. It’s just a few bad apples.” Bad apple? That almost sounds nice. ...
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What Happens If Your Boyfriend Slaps You

Last year On Thanksgiving, I was at the Austin Jail helping someone get out so they could make it back in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with their family. Sitting outside the jail, I saw a young mother crying with ...
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Possession of Marijuana

Let’s face it. Weed is part of the culture in Austin. Even Matthew McConaughey was arrested at his Austin home for Possession of Marijuana. The charges were later dropped, of course, and expunged. But if you do get charged with ...
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