Let’s face it.

Weed is part of the culture in Austin. Even Matthew McConaughey was arrested at his Austin home for Possession of Marijuana. The charges were later dropped, of course, and expunged.

But if you do get charged with Possession of Marijuana, the only option is to find a way to get the charge dropped, or else it will ruin your future employment opportunities, housing opportunities, and educational opportunities.

Most people think that only bad people have a criminal record, but if you have a single pending charge like Possession of Marijuana, you will have a criminal record. This is what employers, colleges, and apartments look for when they tell you they are conducting a background check. Once you get charged with an offense, your charge becomes public record. See for yourself. Check here

Possession of Marijuana conviction

And the only way to get rid of this criminal record is to get the charge completely dismissed, and only then can you get it expunged. Here are the real consequences of a pending criminal charge.

The REAL Consequences of a Possession of Marijuana Charge

1) You will not get an apartment while your charge is pending.

Most apartment buildings are owned by investors and are financed through banks, most of which are subject to federal regulations. The federal government can put restrictions on who the apartment cannot rent to, which specifically includes people who have a drug charge or assault family violence charge. Unfortunately, a marijuana charge is a drug charge and will ban you from getting an apartment in Austin, TX.

Criminal and Sex Offender Database Check – We will check these databases for all occupants over 18. We do not rent to any person required to register as a sex offender. Criminal convictions involving violent crimes, prostitution, domestic violence and/or involving the possession of weapons or illegal substances are all possible grounds for denial of an application.

2) You will not get a good job while your charge is pending.

Any office job will require a criminal history check. And with more and more people graduating from college every day, more and more people are applying for each job opening. Even getting an interview is a small victory in itself, because it means that the hiring manager was impressed enough with you on paper that they wanted to meet you in person. The same way good things on paper (your resume) make you stand out more, bad things on your background check look even worse. Most likely, you’ll never make it to the interview stage to explain yourself.

“There is a stigma attached to a criminal record, however innocent the offense.”

3) You will lose your student loans if you’re in college.

If you’re currently in school and take out student loans, you will lose your student loans for one year if you get a drug conviction, even for marijuana. This will delay your education and future earnings. If you get a marijuana conviction while you’re in college, that conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life, preventing you from getting the kind of job you went to school for in the first place.

In summary, you cannot afford to get a Possession of Marijuana conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Austin knows the prosecutors and can help you get a second chance and get your charge dismissed.